SPE 150000R Remote Ready Dual Power Fence Energiser


This powerful 15.0 joule Speedrite energiser offers all the punch you need for long and complex electric fence lines, with the convenience of dual power sources. Hooked up to a 12-volt battery, the SPE 15000R controls animals in remote locations; connected to mains power, it provides reliable, fuss-free fencing for a wide range of stock. Its patented Cyclic Wave pulse technology produces an electrical waveform similar to an ocean swell – the pulses rise and then drop away smoothly to deliver optimal power to the fence.

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When teamed up with Speedrite’s Remote Fault Finderthis remote ready energiser can be switched on or off from any point in the electric fence line. 

  • LED display shows output voltage
  • Low power terminal for more sensitive stock
  • Two-year warranty
  • Comprehensive instructions supplied


For battery saving and lower maintenance, use with 2 x 43 watt solar panels.